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Michigan Alpacas
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Michigan Alpacas

Why start with Circle 6?

Anyone can sell you alpacas, the difference is the support you receive after the sale. Whether its farm set up, fiber business support, veterinary help, or marketing advice, we'll work hard to meet your needs. Our support is 24/7 before and after the sale period.

On our client services page, we outline some of benefits we offer to help you get started. We have several happy clients that will gladly give references. With the success of our Williamston Alpaca Shoppe, we have begun consulting other farms on how to set up their farm stores as well.

Learn more about our client services.

Circle 6 Alpacas is a small, family run Michigan alpaca farm (located in beautiful central Michigan). We have a passion for alpacas, and it shows in all that we do. Our vision is to run a profitable livestock business that allows us to enjoy all the aspects of rural life. We consider ourselves very blessed to be raising the wonderful and rare suri alpaca. The experience has been rewarding and life changing.

We specialize in suri alpacas because we simply love them and their wonderful fiber. We have focused our breeding program on using top quality breeding stock and the results speak for themselves. Our performance in the show ring and our happy clients have confirmed the strength of our vision. We have a wide assortment of colors and bloodlines that will fit into any budget and business plan. We have alpacas for sale from $200 to $15,000. Whether they are adorable browns, rare grays, versatile whites, black beauties, or golden fawns, we are sure to have something that will catch your eye.

We welcome visitors to our farm year round. We invite potential alpaca clients to spend time at our alpaca farm doing chores, herd health, halter training, and learning more about the alpaca business. You can also visit our farm store, The Williamston Alpacas Shoppe, in downtown Williamston just a few minutes away. We have alpaca clothing, toys, rovings, yarn, and other alpaca products for sale. Or just shop online.

Contact us for more information. Let us introduce you to our alpacas and show you how raising alpacas can be a rewarding and profitable part of your life. Call or contact us to get started. We invite you to browse through our Michigan alpacas for sale. You may just want to make an offer!

—Kate Campbell, Dan Muir and all the Muir kids… Julia, John, Tom, and Paul.

About Alpacas

Originally from the high Andean mountains of Chile, Bolivia, and Peru, alpacas are members of the camelid family which makes them cousins to camels, llamas, vicunas, and guanacos.

There are two different alpaca types, the suri and the huacaya. The suri has fiber that grows quite long and forms silky, pencil-like locks. The huacaya has a shorter, dense, crimpy fleece, giving it a very woolly appearance.

Alpacas have been breed for hundreds of years to improve the quality of their fleece. Now alpaca fleece is exquisite and highly sought by everyone from fiber artists to high fashion. It is softer, warmer, and doesn't have the bulk of sheep's wool. Discover the comfort and warmth of alpaca for yourself. They are one of the most adorable livestock animals available. Learn more about alpacas and getting started with alpacas.





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Michigan Alpacas
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